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Viking Food Review #1

Viking Food Review #1

I daz gotz to sayz dat dis is dast most EEK-Siting zing FHOR mee yat! Tooo doozt dazt rahviews of dast resturhaunts! Any VAY, i feel dast dis is dast rights place to starts! Daz Scootach dare say dat they made the best burger in town and i went to go prooves them wrong! Any vay i gotz there and dare werenst no room to park viking ship, keep dis in mind if you go, leave your viking ship at home! Bring your viking SUV instead! They told me i must leave my weapons outside, so also remember to leave your viking grenades at home! Anywho, i found a total lack of ruble dirt and stone on their floor, so they basically are over achievers in the cleanliness department! The tables were large enough to feast on 2 wild boars, sadly boars are not served….Nor MEAD…i settled for root beer….it tasted nothing like roots:( Yet i still have to say they had the most excellent burgers large as a pancake they melted in my mouth like the blood of my enemies…with sugar….. Yes and i also had da onion rings the size of a baby viking lord crown! All and all i left feeling guilty that my ancestors did such horrible things to the Scottish…without stopping for burgers!


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