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Anyvone who knows of zeee Grogh STORY plotith kowith of zeee DEMON GODDESS! This aspiring model if were available or close enough would be a nice dream casting! WE GIVE HONOR to our friend ERICA THE RED!
Here is her fan page!


My name is Erica Shafer. I am the youngest of five. I have an amazingly talented family, all over the board. Art and music influence each of us. I am finally at a point in my life, where I can truly embrace my talents. My main passion is to draw. I draw what my heart tells me to draw. I am a firm believer in a piece of paper and pencil. It is a very powerful combination, when coupled with my imagination. I am not a “special request” type of artist. I have a hard time sticking to deadlines, for people. I draw what I feel. That’s the bottom line.
My newest passion is to model. I grew up with my Dad being a photographer. I was in front of the camera from the time I was an infant. I never knew how to go about a profession, in modeling. (Back then, the internet was barely starting out, and schools were too expensive) In middle school, Angela Denton, and I would get dressed up and do photo shoots, for fun. We always enjoyed it. By the time 8th grade came around, life happened and we lost touch. In early 2011, she happened to find me again, through Facebook. She has been modeling for a number of years now. She admitted to me, that she wanted to start modeling, because of the fun we had as kids. She and I reunited, when I moved back to Ohio, from Arizona. We started talking about what I should do, to get started in the modeling business. Thankfully, I have close friends, which do photography, that have been setting up shoots with me.
So yea, my oldest brother is helping me set up an LLC, for my artwork. I continue to set up shoots, and draw, all while working full time at Home Depot and sell Avon. My life is going in a great direction, and I couldn’t be happier.
My websites include:

& here ia a little of her ART! 


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