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Adult Swim Alternative Art Features CS Stanley Art

Adult Swim Alternative Art Feature CS Stanley Art


Az-Alt Presents Mr. Clit & the Pink Cigarettes

Az-Alt Presents Mr. Clit & the Pink Cigarettes

Insanity Art…. & some musicĀ


Adult Swim Alternative finds GEEK Model ART ;)~

Adult Swim Alternative finds GEEK Model ART ;)~

Geeky is a fan based site that loves women and how sexy they look as pinups. We are also really big geeks that love Cosplay and anything dealing with Sci-Fi.

Adult Swim Alternative Finds Flyer~s That matter


If you were present for last year’s “Futuristique – Where Techno Meets Burlesque”, then you have some idea of what to expect in terms of production.This year, in honor of DJ Shiva’s date of manufacture, we are taking things much further with what can only be described as “techno theatre”.On Saturday, April 21st, 2012
SUBterror presents: “Futuristique II – Scenes From Dystopia”

This is a narrative performance. A thoughtful fusion of burlesque, electronic music, and performance art, all set to a story of artistic rebellion inspired by the future.

BURLESQUE by The Rocket Doll Revue

MUSIC by DJ Shiva, Angel Alanis, and Adam Jay

BODY ART by Joy Carter


AUDIO PRODUCTION by Symmetric Audio Solutions

STORY written by DJ Shiva & Adam Jay

FLYER ART by Rob Young

Doors open at 9PM.
“Narrative multi-media theatric performance” begins promptly at 10PM
You should plan on arriving early.

Admission $10


Adult Swim Alternative presents FINE ART!

Adult Swim Alternative presents FINE ART!

The Art of Lydia Burris
Fine Art, Strange Illustrations, Oddball Creations
212 West 10th Street, A250
Indianapolis, IN 46202
Contact :