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AdultSwimAlt Interviews Adult Star CamilleCrimson

AdultSwimAlt Interviews Adult Star CamilleCrimson

Find Camille Crimson on either her website that is credited in the picture or….         

Viking Elder Grogh:

Ok forstly shank you vary much for da interview! I have been a personal fan of your online content for some time! For those that dont know the beauty of your Crimson highness please tell people about yourself & vhat you offer as an entertainer!

CC:I’m a curvy redhead from Montreal, Canada.  I’m the performer and webmaster of The Art of Blowjob, a sensual and gorgeous porn site devoted to the beauty of oral sex with my boyfriend.  When I’m not making porn, I blog, cook, enjoy fine wine and whisky, game, paint, make music, sing, work out, play with my Macs and enjoy sci-fi and horror.

V.Elder Grogh: INTERESTING for i am Scifi Horror, dast drink Viskey asvhell and paint with the entrails of mine dead enemies! We should be so lucky sometime to see and share some of your other skillz. Dost thou think thou can whilst singing and painting preform the art of blowjob? Hold on don’t answer that now but later ve will call it extreme art of blowjob! 😉 muhaha;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;) My SUckand question vhat is a silly thing that you take interest in that people might get a kick out of? Do you collect things? Fhor example i often collect the heads of mine victims… then smelter them and keep them on mine viking ship much like moose heads on da wall!

CC:  I’m a pretty big geek in general, so a lot of people are somewhat surprised that I balance my gaming and my love of coding, sci-fi,
horror, etc… with my “image” of being a blowjob porn performer. It’s not that silly, but it’s definitely something that makes me stand
out as different.

V. Elder Grogh: I agree dat vas a rim job around das question and dare i say there is nothing silly about dat! NOW Minez FINAL question, Dost thou have an embarrassing story of when you were in highschool before you were a shimmering vonder of daz internet?

CC:  I can’t think of anything off-hand.  I always kept my head down in high school…  I guess my wild years came later.
V. Elder Grogh… Can you think anything off with a hand and mouth?….Well…Anywho seems like you learned alot with your head being down…or getting your head down…or heading down! So I dast approve!




A LONG TIME FRIEND to the projects on this site!


She was MISS HOWARD STERN, for 2009

C.K. has inspired art for the Goddess numerous times in the Elder Grogh Interdimesional Assassin show! WITH 15,286 views!


Viking Food Review #1

Viking Food Review #1

I daz gotz to sayz dat dis is dast most EEK-Siting zing FHOR mee yat! Tooo doozt dazt rahviews of dast resturhaunts! Any VAY, i feel dast dis is dast rights place to starts! Daz Scootach dare say dat they made the best burger in town and i went to go prooves them wrong! Any vay i gotz there and dare werenst no room to park viking ship, keep dis in mind if you go, leave your viking ship at home! Bring your viking SUV instead! They told me i must leave my weapons outside, so also remember to leave your viking grenades at home! Anywho, i found a total lack of ruble dirt and stone on their floor, so they basically are over achievers in the cleanliness department! The tables were large enough to feast on 2 wild boars, sadly boars are not served….Nor MEAD…i settled for root beer….it tasted nothing like roots:( Yet i still have to say they had the most excellent burgers large as a pancake they melted in my mouth like the blood of my enemies…with sugar….. Yes and i also had da onion rings the size of a baby viking lord crown! All and all i left feeling guilty that my ancestors did such horrible things to the Scottish…without stopping for burgers!


Az-Alt- Music feature, Betrayed With A Kiss

Cartoon music video SOUTH PARK STYLE for BWAK by Elder Grogh coming soon!

Cartoon music video SOUTH PARK STYLE for BWAK by Elder Grogh coming soon!


TINKER BELL PINKER to death ASA exclusive

is there gonna be a live version LOL?

Not for non- ASA peeps





AdultSwimAlternative presents THOR’s Death

Guest actor Rob Mason from Betrayed With A Kiss & Indianapolis’s IMC channel!

Pride from Betrayed with a kiss guested on another show

Thor’s Death