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Alternative Theater approvalable #1

Alternative Theater approvalable #1 get tickets @

 Pedo Bear say’s why not, give it a try, you might like it ;)…Of course he is talking about the play…..

V. Elder Grogh: i know vhat dis looks like to you but i am vhary sure it is not about rotten crotch in Las Vegas! I called and asked…. and they screamed so…. i vill take dat as a no! I find it important to find Alternative theater options for you until i can give you my full slasher scifi opera! Dis is ok, not brutal, but should be funny! DAz Info Behlow!

by Ed Howard, Joe Sears and Jaston Williams
July 13th through August 11th
Tuna Does Vegas, the hilarious new installment from the legendary Greater Tuna creative team! Tuna Does Vegas re-unites the lovable and eccentric characters from the ‘third smallest town in Texas’ as they take a rambling romp in Sin City. The hilarity begins when oddball-conservative radio host Arles Struvie announces on air that he and his wife Bertha Bumiller are heading to Vegas to renew their wedding vows…but everyone in Tuna, Texas goes along for the ride! Written by Jaston Williams, Joe Sears and Ed Howard, Tuna Does Vegas will feature the favorite characters from the award-winning Greater Tuna productions with some new characters too! Tuna Does Vegas balances as both an affectionate comment on small-town life and attitudes as well a hilarious satire of the same. The eclectic band of citizens that make up this town are portrayed by only two actors, making this send-up on life in rural America even more delightful as they depict all of the inhabitants of Tuna — men, women, as well as Vegas showgirls, Elvis impersonators and more!

@ Theatre on the Square
627 Massachusetts Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46204-1606


AdultSwimAlt Interviews Adult Star CamilleCrimson

AdultSwimAlt Interviews Adult Star CamilleCrimson

Find Camille Crimson on either her website that is credited in the picture or….         

Viking Elder Grogh:

Ok forstly shank you vary much for da interview! I have been a personal fan of your online content for some time! For those that dont know the beauty of your Crimson highness please tell people about yourself & vhat you offer as an entertainer!

CC:I’m a curvy redhead from Montreal, Canada.  I’m the performer and webmaster of The Art of Blowjob, a sensual and gorgeous porn site devoted to the beauty of oral sex with my boyfriend.  When I’m not making porn, I blog, cook, enjoy fine wine and whisky, game, paint, make music, sing, work out, play with my Macs and enjoy sci-fi and horror.

V.Elder Grogh: INTERESTING for i am Scifi Horror, dast drink Viskey asvhell and paint with the entrails of mine dead enemies! We should be so lucky sometime to see and share some of your other skillz. Dost thou think thou can whilst singing and painting preform the art of blowjob? Hold on don’t answer that now but later ve will call it extreme art of blowjob! 😉 muhaha;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;) My SUckand question vhat is a silly thing that you take interest in that people might get a kick out of? Do you collect things? Fhor example i often collect the heads of mine victims… then smelter them and keep them on mine viking ship much like moose heads on da wall!

CC:  I’m a pretty big geek in general, so a lot of people are somewhat surprised that I balance my gaming and my love of coding, sci-fi,
horror, etc… with my “image” of being a blowjob porn performer. It’s not that silly, but it’s definitely something that makes me stand
out as different.

V. Elder Grogh: I agree dat vas a rim job around das question and dare i say there is nothing silly about dat! NOW Minez FINAL question, Dost thou have an embarrassing story of when you were in highschool before you were a shimmering vonder of daz internet?

CC:  I can’t think of anything off-hand.  I always kept my head down in high school…  I guess my wild years came later.
V. Elder Grogh… Can you think anything off with a hand and mouth?….Well…Anywho seems like you learned alot with your head being down…or getting your head down…or heading down! So I dast approve!

Kim Kardashian Kill


Giving offers to this league and others, for a FUNNY Wrestling SERIES!

Looking to work with local wrestling leagues and promoting for them via lending wrestlers in trade back for a theatrical comedy wrestling series to show case on IN THIS CASE, All the wrestling credit would be given back to the wrestling league giving tons of free exposure/advertisement and reaching demographics world wide that would not be otherwise watching what you do!


Adult Swim Alternative ADs for

Adult Swim Alternative ADs for

A long time friend of the content on this webpage, i dare say that BATZ BEATS any other option for club/goth/cyber fashion! IT IS THE QUALITY you want!


AdultSwimALT presents Anonymous Fortune Teller

AdultSwimALT presents Anonymous Fortune Teller

Ask questions here and we will respond to you here or if you prefer by email!




Anyvone who knows of zeee Grogh STORY plotith kowith of zeee DEMON GODDESS! This aspiring model if were available or close enough would be a nice dream casting! WE GIVE HONOR to our friend ERICA THE RED!
Here is her fan page!


My name is Erica Shafer. I am the youngest of five. I have an amazingly talented family, all over the board. Art and music influence each of us. I am finally at a point in my life, where I can truly embrace my talents. My main passion is to draw. I draw what my heart tells me to draw. I am a firm believer in a piece of paper and pencil. It is a very powerful combination, when coupled with my imagination. I am not a “special request” type of artist. I have a hard time sticking to deadlines, for people. I draw what I feel. That’s the bottom line.
My newest passion is to model. I grew up with my Dad being a photographer. I was in front of the camera from the time I was an infant. I never knew how to go about a profession, in modeling. (Back then, the internet was barely starting out, and schools were too expensive) In middle school, Angela Denton, and I would get dressed up and do photo shoots, for fun. We always enjoyed it. By the time 8th grade came around, life happened and we lost touch. In early 2011, she happened to find me again, through Facebook. She has been modeling for a number of years now. She admitted to me, that she wanted to start modeling, because of the fun we had as kids. She and I reunited, when I moved back to Ohio, from Arizona. We started talking about what I should do, to get started in the modeling business. Thankfully, I have close friends, which do photography, that have been setting up shoots with me.
So yea, my oldest brother is helping me set up an LLC, for my artwork. I continue to set up shoots, and draw, all while working full time at Home Depot and sell Avon. My life is going in a great direction, and I couldn’t be happier.
My websites include:

& here ia a little of her ART! 


AZ-Alt covers the White Rabbit Cabaret

Have you zeen da movie Vanilla Sky there was this rave in it and that was  much like the White Rabbit, it Appearith too goodz, tooz be true but it is that good! Visually Perfect, The Layout vas AHHMAZING This stage for The Rocket Doll Preformed was suited perfectly to minimalist theater but the lighting Screens and lasers made me feel like i was aboard a SWANK  SPACE VIKING SHIP you know the kind with golden victims heads on the wall…THEY HAD NONE OF THOSE but i will offer them a golden severed head to put up for 5 heads of rating for the aesthetics of the venue!!

Da only ZING i say is dat dropped their rating from a 5 severed head total  is that not all the audience or entertainers were friendly or easy going! It was a flip of a moose head if people had manners or were sociable! So i rate the friendliness of Entertainers whom HALF were very stand off-ish 2.5 severed heads they did not try to work the crowd very much (saying hello etc..) not even to pick pockets! I STILL SAY THEIR GOLDEN PERFORMANCE WAS VERY GOOD, perhaps they stayed in character and that character is above the lowly audience! I rate the crowd likewise for being very to themselves 50% of the time and not out to be sociable with others in a socializing atmosphere OR IN SOME CASES the manners of the town BOAR who grunts at you for patting his head and bites at you! The owners and staff were 100%  friendly and sociable tho! I HONESTLY love this venue but we want people to know the friendly levels of a place…. FOR EXAMPLE  will i find fellow pillagers or will i find a mutiny of a motley crew? I feel bad for thems without wenches for it would seemith they would not find a mate here whom would teach their children to share the blood of their victims with friends and be polite during a slaughter! It has been said before PEOPLE ARE THE PEARLS  and the true hidden wealth in our world! I do believe even the owners of the WHITE RABBIT know of this due to their great attitudes! I VISH THEM GROWTH, I VISH THEM WELL, I VISH THEM TO DRAWL IN ALL PEOPLES and people whom aspire to to be kind and generous with one another!


AZ~Alt Reviews VISIONS BAR and Ryan from Fleshsuit


I am doth impressed very much so~is with das dis venue! The lay out I give 4.5 severed head out of 5 because only dare i say there are no places for axes on walls and no animal caucus’s strew about for decoration! For lighting i give it 5 out of 5 severed heads… it is bright enough on stage to be fun but dark enough in crowd to sneak up on ones enemy to give them a drink….OF ARGGG~SNICK!…. On serious note i find people here friendly and it das very unlikely to create enemies to vow vengeance upon there goats or mothers space goats! So owners 5 out of 5 severed head’s for friendliness, Entertainers when Ryan 5.5 severed heads out 5 friendliness& DO NOT QUESTION ME ON MINE MATH! Audience I will say 4 out of 5 severed heads of friendliness BUT DIS IS because i BELIEVE the ladies might vant to wrestle me…BUT I VILL NOT ARGUE WITH THEM, Vring it ON LADIES:)~ HEAR MINEZ Viking Sacrasham I am so very witty Muhaha!
Here is their FaceBook

Over all a 5 severed head rating!