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Adult Swim Alternative Features

Viking Elder Grogh: This das website vorks zike their personal show’s Channelas well as a catologz of dier other vorks! Dey are daz like bothzer to dis idea of Web series! Dey HARST invited to dooz as much crazy networking with us hast possible! We like to extend an offer of another regular branding main feature of are web channel!



Adult Swim Alternative PRESENTS Boobs, Economy, Boobs

by Megasteakman
Imagine a world where the rich and famous have to post videos of them shaking “the business” to keep the lights on.
Where the line between poverty and riches is based simply off your ability to film terrible/fantastic things.
This E-conomy will see wages soar, and sales in athletic supporters do the same.

Filmed on location at Game Deals Video Games in New West.
Tyler’s “Brain Food” shirt supplied by

Tyler James Nicol
Jen Alaggia
JJ Webb
Casey White
Tarek Suliman

Shot and Cut by
Kial Natale
Sound and Lights by
Adam Suliman and Tarek Suliman

Words by
Tyler James Nicol


Adult Swim Alternative presents The Shell Show

more on!


Adult Swim Alternative presents Courtney Kay Meyers

Just Masturbate song!

Comedian since · 2008

BTW She handles her own bookings. She has performed soooooo many local venues that i am gonna not even bother listing because that would be a LONG ASS LIST!


Wonderfully Morbid



Prepare for Sex, Drugs and Rock-n-Roll

Prepare for Sex, Drugs and Rock-n-Roll


Az-Alt Film Carnival location! May 18th

*HOPEFUL* Az-Alt Film Carnival location! May 18th

Az-Alt Film Carnival location! May 18th………………

This is the #1 head shop in Indianapolis & it is obvious why!
That is why we are paying it forward and advertising them now even tho we are in negotiations for the event!


Adult Swim Alternative thanks Roaring Lion

Adult Swim Alternative thanks Roaring Lion

Thank you for getting behind some great local shows & local bands like Betrayed With a Kiss in Indianapolis, Indiana!


TINKER BELL PINKER to death ASA exclusive

is there gonna be a live version LOL?

Not for non- ASA peeps


Adult Swim Alternative THUMBS UP Visions Bar!

Adult Swim Alternative THUMBS UP Visions Bar!

We have been doing alot of networking here lately and this has got to be the #1 Metal Bar in the Indianapolis Area *acutally 1 mile south of Indianapolis*!  Here is there FaceBook