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Adult Swim Alternative Art Features CS Stanley Art

Adult Swim Alternative Art Feature CS Stanley Art


Theater Picks by DAZ Viking Elder Grogh

¬†Pedo Bear thinks this play sounds TOUCHING to him ūüėČ Muhahaha
Viking Elder Grogh: Diz sounds like a TEASE to me but I approves anyway, so until i get my scifi, slasher comical opera going i would say diz is good ashvell! 
Strip for Change

IndyFringe Basile Theatre
Playwright: Julie Mauro, Indianapolis
Friday, May 4 and Saturday, May 5 @ 8PM
Friday, May 11 and Saturday, May 12 @ 8PM
Tickets $12 adults/$8 students

Disenchanted with their previous efforts to aid women in far-away lands, Hope and Frankie come up with a new idea to activate the students at prestigious Wootenberg University: a strip tease fundraiser.  They recruit cheery undergrads looking to shed their clothes for a great cause, and professional performers with other motivations.  But when the university moves decisively to end their group, Hope and Frankie discover what has really changed, and what making a difference means. Strip for Change is a comedy that examines our motivations for philanthropy and how, all too often, idealism gets hijacked by politics.



Adult Swim Alternative ADs for

Adult Swim Alternative ADs for

A long time friend of the content on this webpage, i dare say that BATZ BEATS any other option for club/goth/cyber fashion! IT IS THE QUALITY you want!


AZ-Alt covers the White Rabbit Cabaret

Have you zeen da movie Vanilla Sky there was this rave in it and that was ¬†much like the White Rabbit, it Appearith too goodz, tooz be true but it is that good! Visually Perfect, The Layout vas AHHMAZING This stage for The Rocket Doll Preformed was suited perfectly to minimalist theater but the lighting Screens and¬†lasers¬†made me feel like i was aboard a SWANK ¬†SPACE VIKING SHIP you know the kind with golden¬†victims¬†heads on the wall…THEY HAD NONE OF THOSE but i will offer them a golden severed head to put up for 5 heads of rating for the¬†aesthetics¬†of the venue!!

Da only ZING i say is dat dropped their rating from a 5 severed head total ¬†is that not all the audience or entertainers were friendly or easy going! It was a flip of a moose head if people had manners or were¬†sociable! So i rate the friendliness of Entertainers whom HALF were very stand off-ish 2.5 severed heads they did not try to work the crowd very much (saying hello etc..) not even to pick pockets! I STILL SAY THEIR GOLDEN¬†PERFORMANCE¬†WAS VERY GOOD, perhaps they stayed in character and that character is above the¬†lowly¬†audience! I rate the crowd likewise for being very to themselves 50% of the time and not out to be¬†sociable¬†with others in a¬†socializing¬†atmosphere OR IN SOME CASES the manners of the town BOAR who grunts at you for patting his head and bites at you!¬†The owners and staff were 100% ¬†friendly and sociable tho! I HONESTLY love this venue but we want people to know the friendly levels of a place…. FOR EXAMPLE ¬†will i find fellow pillagers or will i find a¬†mutiny of a¬†motley crew? I feel bad for thems without wenches for it would seemith they would not find a mate here whom would teach their children to share the blood of their victims with friends and be polite during a slaughter! It has been said before PEOPLE ARE THE PEARLS ¬†and the true hidden wealth in our world! I do believe even the owners of the WHITE RABBIT know of this due to their great attitudes! I VISH THEM GROWTH, I VISH THEM WELL, I VISH THEM TO DRAWL IN ALL PEOPLES and people whom aspire to to be kind and¬†generous¬†with one another!




Tickets now available @ High on the Hill ,3729 west 16th street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46222

Adult Swim Alternative Finds Flyer~s That matter


If you were present for last year’s “Futuristique – Where Techno Meets Burlesque”, then you have some idea of what to expect in terms of production.This year, in honor of DJ Shiva’s date of manufacture, we are taking things much further with what can only be described as “techno theatre”.On Saturday, April 21st, 2012
SUBterror presents: “Futuristique II – Scenes From Dystopia”

This is a narrative performance. A thoughtful fusion of burlesque, electronic music, and performance art, all set to a story of artistic rebellion inspired by the future.

BURLESQUE by The Rocket Doll Revue

MUSIC by DJ Shiva, Angel Alanis, and Adam Jay

BODY ART by Joy Carter


AUDIO PRODUCTION by Symmetric Audio Solutions

STORY written by DJ Shiva & Adam Jay

FLYER ART by Rob Young

Doors open at 9PM.
“Narrative multi-media theatric performance” begins promptly at 10PM
You should plan on arriving early.

Admission $10


Adult Swim Alternative presents FINE ART!

Adult Swim Alternative presents FINE ART!

The Art of Lydia Burris
Fine Art, Strange Illustrations, Oddball Creations
212 West 10th Street, A250
Indianapolis, IN 46202
Contact :